Repairing your commercial roof doesn’t have to be disruptive to your business. There are options other than expensive full commercial roof replacements. Signing up for a dedicated service agreement with SHC Roofing will extend the life cycle of your commercial roof and delay the capital expenditure of a roof replacement for years. Fifty percent of roofs fail prematurely due to UV degradation and the freeze/thaw winter weather that the midwest offers.

Our forensic roof technicians will find your roof deficiencies on your commercial metal or flat roof before they become leaks. Water infiltration under the roof substrate leads to moisture being trapped and causes the roof to fail early. Once moisture enters the roof system repairs become more expensive. The wet insulation must be removed from a flat roof to keep the roof moisture from rotting the decking that supports the roof system.

Our dedicated roof service agreement is just that, an agreement. You can opt out at any time. Our service teams will inspect your flat or metal roof at least once each year and keep you notified about developing deficiencies so you can get ahead of them before they become major headaches. You will receive a new inspection report each year and can receive the report either digitally on a personal online portal or printed copy.

Staying on top of the maintenance needs of your roof was never easier and more transparent. Our system will free up the time you need to tackle other facility issues within your business.

Call us today to get started. Make facility management easier on yourself and your company. (913) 489-7890