Roof Inspections

Roof inspections reveal where your roof stands in its lifecycle and what can be done to extend it. All inspections come with a full roof condition report with photos. Annual or more frequent inspections also available.

Commercial Roof Repair

We care about repairing your commercial roof correctly the first time and our technicians take a forensic approach to finding leaks. We care so much that we offer a one year warranty on repaired areas.

Emergency Leak Repair

Our repair teams are on call after hours and weekends for emergencies that pop up. We will do a temporary repair to “stop the bleeding” on your building and then come back when the weather permits to perform a more permanent leak repair.

Roof Restoration Coatings

Extending the life of your roof and lowering your cost of ownership is a big deal to us. If your roof shows significant wear and needs extensive roof repairs then a roof coating is a sustainable, long-term and cost-effective solution to avoid premature roof replacement. Roof coating warranties extend up to 25 years and most are renewable at the end of their term.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Replacing a commercial roof is a last resort for us. If its life cycle can’t be extended with repairs or a coating restoration we will help you make an intelligent choice for your replacement project. SHC Roofing staff are trained and certified by the nation’s top roofing material manufacturers and offer top-tier warranties.

Roof Hatch
Installation & Repair

We install, replace and repair roof hatches. If you need safety rails around your existing hatch for OSHA compliance, we can do that.

Commercial Gutters

Everything from box gutters and downspouts to collector heads for scuppers, we do it all.

Siding Repair

If your commercial building has siding problem areas that need a facelift we can help.

Wall Coatings

Old exterior walls can get a new life. Leaks through old seals and unsightly cracking are more headaches we can cure.

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